Apartment Tour – Mastering the Gallery Wall


Today I will be giving you a tour of an adorable apartment in Rochester, Michigan!  This apartment belongs to Jordan Ratcliff, whom you may remember from this Industrial Coffee Table post! She really is a crafty girl who has mastered yet another talent – creating the perfect Gallery Wall!

If homes are a reflection of personalities then Jordan really hit the nail on the head with this fun, young and bright apartment!  The one bedroom apartment has continuity and style with a large dose of DIY touches! The eclectic space is kept organized with a series of gallery walls showcasing her favorite prints, pictures and even plates!

First up, the bedroom.  Above the wrought iron bed rests a few prints, a birdcage and two empty frames to fill in the empty spaces! I just love how the ampersand is surrounded by a gold oval frame!


Jordan added a pop of color to her bedroom by painting this dresser in a hot pink! Adding a light distressing helped bring out the darker color underneath and unite it with the dresser hardware.


Moving from the bedroom to the kitchen you can’t help but stop in the hallway for another mini gallery wall.  Jordan added two framed pictures, a bird print, and two DIY wall art pieces with cute and inspirational quotes.

* Looking to create your own wall art?  Check out these easy DIY ideas on BuzzFeed!


Once in the kitchen you see that this theme has repeated itself again, but with an assortment of plates (which I have learned is still growing)!  Jordan mixed but did not match any two plates, rather she used different patterns and sizes to create interest, but kept to a color scheme to keep it organized.


I just love how the mixtures of patterns compliment each other, especially the bold pattern of her kitchen rug next to the pop of colors from the plates.  And how cool are these chairs?


Black and whites help to anchor the bright colors throughout the space in big ways (like the rug), and small, like this DIY chalkboard with a handwritten quote.


Lastly, the gallery wall repeats itself in the biggest way, in her living room!  Jordan created an interesting mix of items that show her personality and her passions with this larger scale gallery above her sofa. This isn’t your average gallery wall of black and white framed photos!  Instead, Jordan mixed pictures in with an empty frame, the letter J, a mirror, a quote, and my favorite – the mini silver deer head!


Interested in making your own gallery wall?  Don’t try and copy exactly what you see in magazines and online!  Do what Jordan did and choose items that reflect your personality and the things you love! Lay frames and pictures out on the floor first, mix and match and move things around until you get it right!

In the meantime, here are some links to help you out!

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