A Halloween Tradition – Movie Inspired Pumpkins

pumpkinsfrommoviesYou may be able to tell by now that I love Halloween, but even more so I love keeping our Halloween tradition alive by carving pumpkins while watching a movie, and drinking cider!  Pretty common stuff here, except our tradition always includes a Steven Spielberg movie!  Since Jim and I have been dating we have watched the movie Hook every year while carving our pumpkins, and on one occasion we watched the movie E.T., with our pumpkins reflecting our cinematic choices!

I never claimed to be cool.

Ok so I kind of adore Steven Spielberg movies ( I am like the female Dawson Leery), especially E.T., as you may remember from Movie Night on the Harbor! Therefore a few years ago we switched it up (while still staying in theme) by watching the charming little alien waddle around instead of the grown up Peter Pan attempting to fly.  We enjoyed hot apple cider and carved some of our best pumpkins yet! Reflecting back, I realize the only thing that could have made the night more enjoyable and authentic would have been…reese’s pieces.  Next time.

ET PumpkinsThis year we went back to the start with every child’s (and child-like adult’s) favorite pushy pirate…Hook! We popped in the DVD, drank cider (with a cinnamon sugar rim of course) from our skeleton cups and snacked on some roasted pumpkin seeds.

skeletoncups2pumpkinseedsWe finished carving before the movie ended and got to enjoy our glowing pumpkins with Spielberg’s epic  pirate adventure in the background.  Very in theme, and in tradition if you ask me!


hookpumpkins3* Do you have a favorite fall movie or Halloween tradition?

** Please feel free to leave a comment and/or a picture of your own movie inspired pumpkins!

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